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Movie information - - -

A post-apocalyptic nightmare in which all of humanity is threatened.

IMDB info

2Shared Link

Follow the link and look down the page and find this line -
Save file to your PC: Click Here

If you get java popups just click no .


i can' t find the download button on all the 2shared links

it's not just me is it?

ok the line

Save file to your PC:Click here

is at the bottom right of the 2shared page .

ok thnx one more qeustion
The site from where SURROGATES and FAMILY GUY is downloaded from
is only displayed half
i can see the FREE download button barely
once the code is asked it falls off-screen

this isn't just with me , right ?

Ok try changing your ps3 browser screen settings.Press triangle then tools and play about with some of the options .

allready tried that,
it's like the left side of the page is gone

Have you tried your ps3 on a different tv ? We are sorry but we can only test on our 40" lcd. I`m sure some of our users have sovled the problem . We will look into it and hopefully someone who has solved will let us know .

tv ?
could be it yeah,
thanx & by the way
requests are they done like this
or is there a section for it?
if so
-capitalism: a love story-
is something i want to request

We try not to take requests this way . We get so many it`s hard to keep everyone happy.But anyone who donates gets direct access to our private PSN account for requests and a game of COD :-)

Love this site! If not too much trouble can you put Sherlock Holmes?

Can somebody please upload The Hurt Locker?

So I followed the directions and it says the operation failed is it me or something i need to do??? help plz

thanks ps3divx for adding 9! i love this movie

Awesome site, think you guys can post up Ninja Assassin?

it's STILL not working guys

To see full download screen you must go to your browser,select view-character size +2 then if needed tools-Display area Full pixal.lastly push r3 if needed

awsome site guys keep it up can we get "fear and lothing lasvages" PLEZZZZ THX :]

it says loading file info but the save file line never appears?

how do you download movies from 2share?

i cant figure it out either and on other movies i get error 807100??? i forget the last 3 numbers of the error code please help

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